Oil Cartridge Vape Pens come in a dizzying amount of shapes, sizes, and quality levels. Each of the various types of Oil vape pens has their own flair and style as well as their own set of pros and cons. All of these different features and styles can make it difficult for users to choose the right cartridge vape for them. The following will be a complete guide to oil cartridge vape batteries as well as a list of the different styles available on the market in 2019.

What is an Oil Cartridge Vape pen

First thing’s first, what exactly is an oil cartridge vape pen? Well, an oil cartridge vape pen has 3 major components; the oil, the cartridge, and the vape battery.

The oil is the essential oil you’ve purchased or have otherwise procured. Oils can come in either pre-filled cartridges or you may choose to fill your own cartridges with oil. Essential oils come in various strengths, colors and viscosities all of which is outside the scope of this guide. For now, lets just say you’ve scored some fairly decent oil and you’re just interested in the correct hardware to enjoy it.

The next component is the atomizer, or cartridge as it is popularly known. The cartridge is the actual component you fill up with your oil. The cartridge will usually have a twist off mouthpiece for easy filling of your oil as well as a coil for vaporizing the oil. Cartridges also come in various shapes and sizes. For more information on the various types of cartridges click here.

The 3rd and final component is your vape battery. The vape pen battery is the component that stores and transfers the correct amount of power to the cartridge which then vaporizes your precious oil! The vape pen battery also contains the circuitry that controls the amount of power transferred, any led lights or digital displays to show you the power level and sometimes voltage adjustments so you can customize your vaping experience.

When you fire your vape of choice, the vape battery will release power to a wire coil or ceramic element in the cartridge which then heats up and vaporizes the oil that is held in the vape cartridge. Simply put, the vape pen battery is the power source that stores power and manages the power transfer to the atomizer/ cartridge during the vaping process.


Keep in mind, not every cartridge will work well with every cartridge vape battery. Some cartridges are not meant to be used with some of the higher powered vape batteries. And some cartridge vape pens are not strong enough to power some of the more sturdy atomizers currently on the market. Also, be sure that your cartridge will fit correctly with your vape battery. Not all cartridges are the same height and diameter. Not all cartridge vape batteries are large enough to deal with some of the more bulky cartridges.

What are 510 Thread Batteries?

The term “510 thread battery” refers to a universal thread design, sometimes called an ego thread. “510 thread” is a term that is used to describe the style that has been universally adopted in the vape industry for a range of product connections.  This doesn’t mean that anything with a 510 male thread should be used with anything with a 510 female thread. That being said, the vast majority of pre-filled cartridges currently on the market will fit most cartridge vape batteries. If you see the term “510 threaded” in the description of the vape battery, it’s safe to say it will pair nicely with your cartridge. However, that does not mean that the vape battery will have enough power to fire your cartridge properly. We will discuss more on that topic later. In some cases, a magnetic adapter is used in conjunction with 510 threads to boost compatibility between cartridges and batteries. We love 510 threads because it keeps so many vape pen products open source and allows you to customize your vape experience.

Vape Battery Voltage

Vape pen batteries come in a range of voltages and also in variable voltage styles.  The common range that you will expect to find is between 3.3v and 4.8v.  In general you should expect that any stylus or buttonless pen battery voltage will be in the range of 3.3v. These vape pens may adjust the voltage with the strength of the draw which may allow them to draw as low as 3.0v.  This is about the right voltage for the common polycarbonate style oil cartridge but it won’t have enough power to properly heat a more robust ceramic cartridge. Ceramic cartridges offer a higher quality vapor and require voltages in the range of 3.7v or higher. Finding the right voltage will depend on the resistance from the atomizer to reach the optimal temperature which is from 280 degrees to 350 degrees for most oils. Lower voltage means more pure vapor but a lighter hit, so always start low and work your way up. Starting to high may result in you burning out the wick or cartridge early. Voltage numbers won’t tell you whether it’s a better vape, they just tell you whether it is the right vape battery for your cartridge.

MAH Explained

One of the most common questions when it comes to vape pen batteries is, “how long does this vape pen stay charged for?”.  Well the simple way to know is by looking at the Mah rating (milliamp hour). The battery MaH tells us how much power the battery can supply and for how long before running out of power. Generally a vape pen battery will provide between 280-1300 mah.  The high rating of a 13000 mah is normally reserved for high voltage or high resistance kits such as a wax pen battery.

Vape Battery Chargers

First thing’s first, not all chargers are created equally! It is extremely important that you use the charger provided with your cartridge vape battery. Also, it is preferred that you use a normal usb charger brick rather than a rapid charger brick. Using a rapid charge cell phone brick may damage a lithium ion battery and fry either the processor or the battery itself. It’s much better to use a normal usb port like the one on a laptop or computer or wall adapter charger.  You should also be matching the voltage of your charger with your battery.

Types of Oil Cartridge Vape Batteries

Buttonless Stylus Vape Pen Battery

The most common vape battery you will see is the slim vape pen or auto draw pen. These vape pens feature vacuum activated, auto-draw technology. When you are ready to vape, simply screw on your favorite atomizer or pre-filled cartridge and you’re good to go. No fuss, no settings, just vaping. Begin pulling on your cartridge and the auto-draw technology will sense the vacuum created by your inhale and begin firing the vape. Generally the voltage limit is 3.3 volts an they pack a battery capacity of about 280mah.


  • Power in a slim design
  • Low voltage for smooth pulls
  • Easy to use
  • Works with most cartridges

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