Dummies guide to what is vaping?

Dummies guide to what is vaping?

What is Vaping?
New to vaping!
Not sure what is the buzz about!

Do yourself a favor and let us take it from the top then. Vaporizers are e-cigarettes. The simplest way to understand them is to look at them as safer, fancier and tastier cigarettes which are celebrated in pop culture like nothing else. Everybody is vaping and it is becoming a trend like nothing else.

You must have seen these dangly things in the public at some point in time, they are literally everywhere on the planet. Vapes are basically a super convenient and sassy way to get yourself a nicotine kick in a safe and regulated way. It is obtained through a handheld, battery-operated and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Components of a vape device

Vape handheld devices use a battery to fuel them, a coil to vaporize, a cartridge to carry the juice and juice or flavor to enjoy the vapor. The flavor is also known as an e-juice or e-liquid. A vape device can come in two different forms. These are vape pods and vape mods.

Vape Pods

One is a small device designed for portability and contemporary usage called a vape pod. Vape pods are sometimes also called vape pens, or vape tablets. They can be as small as a nano iPod and as thin as a notebook.

Vape Mods

The other version of a vape is called a vape mod. This is a slightly larger device, it was originally designed to be a style statement. The vape mods are called mods because they are modified versions of the original vapes. These can contain extra coils, bigger batteries, more juice and much more potential to customize it.

Vape Skins

People customize vape bodies, they change their mouthpieces frequently, some even look for special ways to make their vape look crazy and unique. Others prefer the discreet, subtle and minimal vape pods.

Flavors and E-liquids

The flavor will contain a few components of its own, one of them is nicotine, this is optional and the volume varies. The flavor also contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine to make the clouds and the vapors to be consumed. Lastly, it contains the flavors, which for the matters immensely and determines the kind of effect the vape will have on the consumer.


The best things about vapes are hands down its flavor paradise. Candy makers in the world do not make as many flavors as vape specialists and developers make vape flavors. Each flavor comes from a unique inspiration. The inspiration can come from a drink, smoothie, dessert, or even holiday destinations. The flavor does two very important things, and that is to change the aroma and ambiance around the person, and second is to leave a tantalizing taste on the taste palate of the individual.


Are Vapes safe?

  • Vapes do not contain carbon monoxide or tar.
  • Vapes help in reducing cigarette consumption.
  • Nicotine addiction can be curtailed or at least made safe for the lungs and body this way.
  • Fake liquids and broken hardware can cause a health risk, vaping itself is free of risks.
  • Vaping or nicotine in a vape can not kill.

Vapes are as harmless as drinking tea or coffee. Just a clean way to get your flavorful fix when you want it as you want it. But, at the end of the day, haters gonna hate ya’ll. People buy low grade, cheap replicas of liquids which are not even verified from cheap, smuggled sources and complain that vape gave them coughing, this is why we need to wake up! Indian ban and Trump’s uninformed words are always so heartbreaking for the vape fam. Educate yourself! Vaping is non-toxic. But, just like replica medicines and drugs, anything fake and untested or unregulated can be dangerous! So beware of what you are buying and where you are buying it. Show some class ya’ll!


Can Vaping Replace Smoking?

Vaping is a superior alternative to smoking. It indicates a change in lifestyle and personality. Switching to vaping shows that you have a great degree of self-respect, because only low esteemed people resort to self-destructive and archaic ways to have fun, especially in the presence of more boujee things. It is a different lifestyle choice altogether.

You can understand the differences between smoking combustible regular cigarettes and inhaling vape vapors here.

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Vaping and Nicotine

It might ease your anxiety to know:

  • Vaping can be nicotine free.
  • Nicotine, however, is not toxic is quantities that vapes offer.
  • Thick clouds don’t mean heavy smoking, clouds are basically just PG/VG, which refer to edible acids and glycerine common in oral household uses.
  • Vaping does NOT make the vaper have mouth odor like smoking!

What is Vape Nation?

The vape community worldwide is known as #VapeNation. The vaping community is growing rapidly, and the mood around the public policy on vaping across the globe is simmering over time. Skeptical policymakers are quickly converging and that is destigmatizing the crack of this age. Anyone in their right mind would obviously. Vaping is glorified in pop culture. There are many subcultures among members of the global vaping community. Some users love clouds, some love the subtle and more sleek looking vapes. Some love themselves a heavy throat hit, others like it to delve in their mouth first.


That should be enough for your first class, let us know what you feel perhaps by giving the yummy flavors a go? Drop by at StickyFingers soon, to check out a whole new world that is shaped by the love for vaping!


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