Benefits of Vaping – A Safe Alternative to Smoking

Benefits of Vaping – A Safe Alternative to Smoking


Smoking cigarettes entails burning tobacco to release nicotine into the lungs. This tobacco is wrapped in a paper. The burnt smoke is inhaled through a butt.

Vaping includes inhaling a heated juice that may or may not contain nicotine (Depending on your choice and mood). The heat turns the e-liquid into vapors and the vapor carries the flavor, aroma, and kick of the vape to the user.

The Desire of Nicotine

The nicotine is the desire stuff in a cigarette. All the rest is horrible. The burning paper and the butt, both produce tar and carbon monoxide. Most smokers know this, but they feel like they have no other option and hence choose to ignore the gunk for the goodies.

Vaping is the solution.

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Vaping is a different ballgame altogether. Vaping is much safer than Cigarettes.

Pros of Vaping

This delicious journey of the vapor into the body and soul is clean and harmless. It has all the fun of cigarettes, plus more, only without filling up the lungs with tar over time.
The nicotine experience is very much similar, only the hit is cleaner and usually will carry a lingering tantalizing taste on the palate. Through vapes, users can experience the pure joy inhaling and exhaling puffs of vaporized nicotine or just plain juice. The delicious air refuels energy levels, refocuses the individual and pumps up the mood.
Nonsmokers who like to vape usually go for the unspiked nicotine-free e-liquids, while others want to make a switch to superior things choose from mild to higher levels of nicotine to go with their juice. Nicotine-free vapes allow users to enjoy vaping for the sole purpose of enjoying the vape experience.
Heavy-duty vapes or Mods allow users to form thick clouds, and perform so many artful tricks. Smoking has always been the enemy of tricks unless the tobacco is lined with mediocre substances and pollutants that should NOT make way into your body anyhow.
Vapes give users more control than smokes. Pods are more portable and low smoke vapes, these allow vaping to be more public-friendly in environments where less informed people may fuss about the vape. Fortunately for vapers, vapes don’t produce an odor that’s irritating or uncomfortably long-lasting.

Smoother Vaping Experience

Vaping is much more exciting than smoking, given the current global trends and pop culture. Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been seen vaping in public, unlike smoking vapes are glorified and not frowned upon.
Users are apologetic about smoking, vaping, on the other hand, is something to be proud of. It is a healthy alternative. Vaping can be more economically viable for people, it can save a lot in terms of investment required in comparison to cigarettes. It is a strong investment, and yet more luxurious than disgusting cigarettes.
Best one saved for last: Vaping might turn on your partner, as opposed to stinky cigarette breath, vaping offers an inviting scent when mixed in with your Pheromones i,e the natural scent molecules of your breath, skin, and hair. Congratulations!
With that, you have aced your chemistry class as well as Vaping vs. Cigarettes 101.

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