Mod Vapes or Pod Vapes | How to choose?

Mod Vapes or Pod Vapes | How to choose?

Vaping comes with its own lingo, norms, bests and worsts. Yet, vaping is not a super difficult or complicated affair at all. Vaping is meant to calm your senses and not worsen your withdrawal symptoms or cravings. But before you get into any of that it is best that we understand the most basic concept here:

How to choose a vape mod or a vape pod?

Answering this question can clarify a lot of things for you, such as: whether you want to vape for the clouds, or for the trends. Perhaps you would like to make a switch from vaping, or maybe you want something new and exciting?

Mods and Pods both have small differences, and they make a huge impact on the user, so it is best that you choose wisely and with complete information before you begin. The basic structure of a Vape includes a battery to heat up the e-liquid, a coil to perform the task at hand, a mouthpiece to inhale and a cartridge to contain the juice. The size of each component determines whether it will be categorized as a pod or mod. Another consideration is portability and ease of use. Let’s begin by breaking both down:

What Is A Vape Mod?

Here are the features that make a vape Mod a great way to vape:

bigger batteries

A Vape Mod uses bigger batteries than pods. It is designed for heavier clouds and sometimes more nicotine. The battery time of a vape mod is longer than what a pod can offer through smart charging and smaller battery cells.

Amount of Juice

The amount of juice that can be stored in a vape mod is huge, and the clouds are thicker. However, the clouds really do depend on the kind of e-juice or flavor used. The tank of a Vape Mod is refillable.


The tanks, coils and even skins are sometimes customizable. Vape mods are closer to the original vape devices, and these are smaller and more adaptable and user-friendly renditions of those older vapes that are not in use today.

Switch up your device

These days, you can switch up your device every now and then depending on your mood and needs. A vape device whether it is your full-sized mod or a small pod represents you. It is a tool to express yourself.

Vape Coils and Clouds

The clouds you may be looking for also depend on various sizes and types of coils used. Each coil offers various results, some coils are designed for a great mouth to lungs experience, others work better for a direct to lungs experience. The hit is another thing you would want to choose. It is a further division under the Mods category. If you like a throat hit you might want a special vape coil. The components of the vape mod are interchangeable and upgradeable.

Other than the customizability in terms of the smoke hit, the design in terms of the exterior and the size of the Mods, there are other considerations too while choosing a mod over a pod.

Some vape mods offer you to use a button to turn them on, others are automatic. These vape mods maybe just dragged on without any on/off ignition button. They work like a straw does in a glass. They are completely hassle-free. Other mods may require you to hold a button before you smoke a drag or puff. Some of the variations require you to press the button once and then the vapors are released into your mouth like you want them to be.

What is a pod mod vape?

Here are the features that make a vape Pod a great way to vape:


Mod-Pods (Pods) offer greater portability. They are smaller than Mods. The best part about them is their size. They are small and that makes them a good tool to hide away in cases of emergency.

More Privacy

Vape Pods offer more privacy than cigarettes ever can. Burning tobacco of a cigarette releases a lot of odor and the smell lasts a long period of time. The stink can also penetrate in your mouth for an extended period, and cast a mask over your favorite cologne or perfume making you smell foul.

Vape pods are easier to conceal and hideaway. The vapors disappear into nothingness in critical times. You can avoid disappointing or hurting your loved ones with this, should they be uninformed on how great vaping really is. Or if there is a taboo in your environment for vaping.

Easy to Use

These vape pods can be very sleek, very discreet, easy to use and painless. Pods these days offer smart charging, they as light as fluff, and you can carry them anywhere without fuss. This makes them ideal. Mods are heavier in comparison. Mods also require more charge time, and not all mods can be charged through your laptop or smart outlet. Pods are lighter and slender.

Disposable Flavor Pods

Pods require flavor cartridges to be installed for the device to work. These flavor pods are basically disposable, i.e you discard the disk, chip or whatever shape the container is once it runs out. These allow you to move between flavors frequently and you can enjoy newer colors as and when you wish without any regrets that your money would be wasted.


Wondering where to start?
Do it like Nietzsche would do, self reflect!
Here are 2 cases to consider:

Are you a former smoker or looking to quit?

If yes, then you may need to gradually reduce the nicotine amount in your e-liquids, but you can start at mid to high dose as of now. You might want a mod because it offers the kind of juice volume that will allow heavy consumption between refills as compared to pods. However, if you are on the go most days or you want something discreet and sneaky, try pods. Pods are small, sleek and slender, you should get away with them easily.

Pods were basically created to help the user make a switch from smoking to vaping and then ultimately cut their nicotine cravings to none. The pod is an excellent place to begin your cleanse. If you are looking for a healthier and toxin-fee lifestyle then it is time to leave smoking behind and adapt to vaping. It is cleaner and better for your body than cigarettes.

Do you want thick clouds, playful times and the main act in everything vaping culture?
If you like to hold the center stage for everything you do then mods are the way to go for you. Did you come here looking for the tricks and things people are doing all over the internet? Then mods are for you my friend, If you are looking for trendy fun then too you should invest in mods and nothing more will you require to produce your own vape performance art.

Clouds demand heavy-duty slightly bigger in size Mods, these mods use bigger batteries, bigger coils and thus, stronger and denser clouds.

Additionally, you can juice e-juices that help you get denser clouds. These contain a different vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol ratios than other e-juices and thus they can let you have super enjoyable clouding sessions. The tricks are all the miracle of the kind of vape and e-liquid you use. Go for the fancy Mods. You can find them in all kinds of colors, shapes, and features.

Have you been vaping for a long time?

If you are looking for something intense and want to upgrade then go for a vape mod with salt nic flavors. We can get into the kinds of flavors soon. But, for now, it would suffice for us to say that you can upgrade from freebase juices to salt nic juices for a greater nicotine fix in a safe manner. In order to make it better and even more safer choose only the most verified flavors. You must also increase your nicotine dose gradually in order to enjoy the most at each step of the way.

The best way to do so is to invest in a Vape mod. If you already have one you can begin to choose stronger within the free base range at first. Then you can increase your nicotine strength by a few percentages at each flavor purchase. Then eventually you can upgrade to salt nic with the higher and medium levels of nicotine.

Remember: Nicotine or vaping does not kill, unverified flavors do!

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