New Whisky Tobacco Vape E-Juice in Pakistan

New Whisky Tobacco Vape E-Juice in Pakistan

Life is more exciting with controversy. If you like scandalous things then this story could be the perfect scoop written just for you. The whiskey tobacco vape e-juice has stirred quite the buzz this month. And we are here to clarify a few things of the most judgemental people.

Having a good vape flavor at hand is a better way to enlighten your mind, entertain your bored soul, and engage your lazy mind.

It is hard to find good vapes in Pakistan. A quality e-liquid present in the market can switch up the mood and pump up the atmosphere. For the unfamiliar public to see a unique new flavor of a controversial subject is pretty psyched.

While alcohol is a bipolar subject in Pakistan, it is a very neutral subject globally. This is why the flavor has caused havoc locally. It is out of stock every 2 days. And then restocked immediately upon order requests. But, what is the confusion and hatred all about?

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Strong men deserve strong flavors for the night of a long hard day or the morning of a tiring crazy day. It comes in a 25 mg nicotine level in a 30 ml bottle. . . . The whisky tobacco is a controversy waiting to happen. This tastes like the manliest desert you have had in a long time. Want an eliquid that tastes like nothing you have tasted before? Get a puff of this juicy whisky goodness layered with tobacco. . . . . This is going to be the freshest vape you taste. Don't believe us, go give it a taste at your nearest sticky fingers outlet and check it out for yourself! . . . . We are not your average vape shop. We will redefine what it means to vape and buy a vape. Please do not invest in fake products! They can be harmful and dangerous. Try original ones. These are safe for your body and healthy for your mind. #vapes #vaper #vapeadores #vapedontsmoke #evape #vapefun #vapehard #ivape #eliquid #vapingtricks #vapingstyle #vapingfriends #vapingapes #avapingspot #avapinglife #vapingdaily #vapingnation #vapingpics #whiskytobacco

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Halal or Haram, you decide

Is whiskey tobacco Haram? Alcohol is Haram, while this is a subjective topic, the flavor is in between. This is an easy way to fulfill your alcohol fantasies. If you have ever strolled the shady streets of Lahore, trying to look for some booze in Pakistan, you understand the struggle. The exhausting and nauseating, risk-laden struggle. But, with the flavors, it is different.

Nicotine, Whisky, and Tobacco in a vape in Pakistan, oh what a fantasy! But, oh wait, what? Nicotine, Whisky, and Tobacco in Pakistan? How heavenly on earth, it is not possible! Vapes in Pakistan come in all colors, shapes, sizes like the rest of the world, but alcohol, holy no, it does not.

It is a struggle that can go wrong at any point and nobody wants that shady bust for a bottle of alcohol. But, it looks like that the closest vape shop near you: Sticky Fingers, has it handled.

Vape lovers (whether first-timers or cigarette quitters), all love them some nicotine. Sticky Fingers has found a way to spike that up with some premium aged Whisky musk and a sweet tobacco tincture to tantalize your senses into nirvana.

So is this the new and exciting way to get wasted now? And why aren’t the authorities doing anything about it? Let’s find out!

Hottest Vape Pak Scandal Yet?

You have not discovered the true beauty of vaping until you have tried this juice that has stirred a national controversy!

Flavorful tinctures of the world’s favorite whiskey brand and farm-fresh sweet and pure tobacco ready to be poured into your body. Let your vape take you into the world’s finest whiskey lounge and tune in to all your wild, wild west life fantasies despite being in Pakistan.

Legal Way To Get Wasted?

Is it legal? Well, yes. We are a group of very responsible, law-abiding, country-loving and tax-paying citizens, and yet we believe that every individual has the right to follow their heart, try out some whiskey and tobacco if so shall they please.

Can Whisky Tobacco Ejuice Get You Drunk?

Real Talk: Will you get super drunk? Probably not. Tipsy? It depends on how much you vape and how bad you want to!

Hit the closest Vape Shop Near you: Sticky Fingers to get your hands on the sinfully beautiful Whisky Tobacco Vape Juice in Lahore to find out what it can do for other than giving you intense flavorgasms and perfect lift-me-ups.

Want to buy Whiskey in Vape Shops Near Me in Pakistan?

Never did I ever image having alcohol in Pakistan would be so easy! The vaping community is quickly expanded globally, it is the finest youth subculture that Pakistan has seen yet. Sticky Fingers is making a whole lot better. How? Finally being able to enjoy such flavors with almost no scrutiny is a positive sign that the nation is making some progressive changes in the way things are done here. Let’s live and let live, and that too to the fullest.

Salt-Based Vape Juice or pure alcohol?

The flavor is currently available in 30 mg and 50 mg Nicotine intensity. It is called the SALT BAE Black Series Whisky Tobacco Nic Juice, you will find it in the 30 ml refill sized bottle. This bottle will work best in premium, fill-able closed systems. The squeeze bottle is designed for easy filling no spilling or wastage. After-all, Nic Juice is for you, not the floor or the floor cleaner.

You know you want it, so come and get it. No one will tell you how tipsy life can be unless you taste it for yourself! No way something so good can be Haram.


  • In no way are we trying to recommend alcohol consumption, we only recommend the users to try out the E-liquid or E-Juice, for the pure love for Vapes, not alcohol.
  • This product is only intended for adults and people above the safe legal smoking/drinking age.
  • This article is for informational and awareness purposes only, it is not to be taken as legal or personal advice.

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